Internet Cafe Simulator Game Online Free

Build a business that brings you a lot of income in the entertainment industry. Internet Cafe Simulator is going to help you do just that. This is, by the way, the second game in the series. It was updated with many interesting things. Therefore, if you have played the previous part, you may definitely see the big difference.

It is available for playing on Steam. There is also a version that is adapted for mobile devices. Therefore, choose the platform that you like and start your long and challenging journey into the world of entrepreneurship. The gameplay here is quite simple, so you will not have any problems in the process. In addition, your task is simply to make the right decisions. And, of course, consider everything that has a chance to happen.

Law Enforcement or Lawlessness Pathways

It is possible for you to run your entertainment business without breaking any laws. In such a wise way, the whole process is aimed at making sure you are constantly evolving. There is also a technology tree. There is a possibility to use it to decide how and what you want to improve.

In this way, it is possible for you to have a lot of visitors who really like the services that you provide. Therefore, buy the best quality furniture, purchase licenses, and do not forget about the hardware. Talking about electric power, install generators so that you are autonomous. Furthermore, it is a great decision because when your competitors don’t work due to lack of electricity, you earn money.

On top of that, don’t forget about the food. You also need to make sure that it tastes good, and that it gets to your customers’ tables on time. Thus, everyone is happy, and you also receive additional profits for such service.

An alternative option in the game is scandals and illegality. Since your establishment is not in the most favorable area, you have a chance to sometimes be raided by bandits, thieves and other hooligans. You can either solve the problem without taking part in all this, for example, with the help of guards.

Or you may be a direct participant in the events, which will fight for their cause. Show that you are not afraid of anything and can stand up for yourself. Therefore, if you see that something has gone wrong, you are up to starting acting radically and even aggressively. And this is the reason why there is a possibility for a fight to happen.

Additional Goals

According to the plot, you also have your own personal goals. They are to some extent the reason why you started to develop your startup so aggressively. For example, one of them is to pay off your brother’s debts.

Therefore, you will have to do the maximum from you to end up earning a solid amount. In this way, you are capable of solving your family member’s problems and also develop your business.

Thus, by playing this kind of game you are able to find out how many difficulties an entrepreneur faces. If your earnings are several times higher than your expenses, then you can officially declare that you are a person with the mindset of an entrepreneur.