Internet Cafe Simulator 3

At the moment there are two parts of the Internet Cafe Simulator. They have a certain success, so there is a possibility that later the developers may release a continuation. It just might include new features, functionality and much more.

Therefore, fans need only wait for news about the announcement of the new part. Speaking about the concept of Internet Cafe Simulator, it is a kind of opportunity for you to feel like a businessman. You have a chance to play as a character whose goal is to earn enough money to pay off his brother’s debts.

Responsibilities of the Boss

Therefore, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and constantly use your brain activity to make the right decisions. In addition, it is worth noting the fact that at first you have almost nothing. Accordingly, you need to do all the work yourself.

Since it is possible to order some food or drinks in your entertainment establishment, you will also be responsible for it. Therefore, cook it deliciously and bring it in time, so that the visitors will be satisfied as a result.

It’s also worth mentioning that you need to remember to invest in improvements. You should buy new computers, game licenses and more so that more people can come to you. Therefore, don’t be greedy and improve your establishment.

By the way, one of the difficulties is the fact that you are not located in the most favorable area. Therefore, sometimes the bandits are able to visit you and try to steal from you or make a fight. Accordingly, you’re going to have two options: either the guards or you.

Therefore, either delegate the responsibility to other people to monitor a favorable atmosphere, or solve all the problems yourself. It is also worth noting that there is a possibility of getting into a fight in the process, so be careful.

Broadly, this is a pretty interesting and exciting timekiller in which you can have fun, and in addition learn what it is like to be an entrepreneur with a just-started business. By the way, check if you have an entrepreneurial streak at all! Or do you feel better as an employee?